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Cool beats, sultry vocals and sophisticated guitar chords... These are the signature elements of IncaBlue.

They have been around the world spreading the gospel of music as a fundamental of life; just like wholesome food, dancing, good conversation, sharing a drink with friends and of course LOVE.

The duo of Isa Inca and Zen Amen combine the best of what good music is all about. Isa sings the soulful jazzy style of a modern angel come to earth. Zen compliments her perfectly, primarily on acoustic guitar and an equally compelling singing style of his own.

Reinventing classic songs into their own fresh, modern style, IncaBlue never fails to enliven and set off any event or engagement.

IncaBlue's versatility makes them perfect for parties of all kinds, corporate events, weddings and late night soirées.

Two voices that make you think you've died and gone to heaven... Shimmering, rhythmic guitar... it all adds up to...


Listen to audio sample of
IncaBlue's music:

"You've Got a Friend"

You've Got a Friend

"Dancing Queen"

Dancing Queen


To hear some of Zen and Isa's original music please visit www.isazen.com



Purchase Isa Hansen's single "Beautiful Being" on iTunes here:


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